Silicone foam made memory foam pillow for side sleeper to protect nick pillow Bulk Wholesale


  • Model: V-ZR302
  • Size: 50x30x9/7cm
  • Cover Material: Cotton 100%
  • Pillow Case Cover: Polyamide 81%, Spandex 19%
  • Foam Material: Silicone 75%, Polyurethane 25%
  • Foam density: 80kg/CBM
  • Hardness: Asker 15D

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The ZR302 silicone foam Pillow is made for adult side sleep pillow to help their neck to be comfortable status to sleep.

The pillow is shaped at different heights. People can choose a higher side or lower side to sleep. No matter which side to sleep on. All are able to put the nick in a comfortable position to fail sleep.

Pillow is made of 100% cotton and multihole Silicone foam, Which has great breathability, Which will make sure that sleeping in dry conditions and not stuffiness at all.

Better than memory foam material, The silicone foam pillow will feel more soft and comfortable and give you more strong support when you sleep on it.

It is really a magic feeling when you feel soft comfortable and strong support.

The Pillow’s main material is Silicone material, As you know silicone material has anti-microbic and anti-acarid features.

So the ZR302 has features of anti-microbic and anti-acarid. So the pillow will provide features that help skin not be hurt by Microbic and acarid. Use modern technology to protect people’s health.

Silicone is a kind of inert matter, It will not cause people skin allergies. So it is a safe and comfortable material for made Close skin products.

Silicone foam is a high-temperature resistance material, and high strength material, So you can direct wash it with your washing machine, Or you can directly put a full pillow in boiled water to kill microbic and acarid.

The ZR302 Pillow is a scientific and comfortable pillow product to support, protect and help you sleep comfortably and satisfy.

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